Garden of Love

Garden of Love is an explorative series of animations and illustrations. The title takes from William Blake's poem, which argues the religious rules placed on people.

Using interviews and research on how people navigate around these rules, this illustration project works as a method of manifesting love allowing people to embrace joy, desire, and community - both natural and important.

Through subtle movements, the illustrations aim to not only evoke feelings of softness and sensitivity but also use nature as a teacher of life lessons.

of Love

Rashmi’s personal story is about losing touch of her sexuality and finding herself again through theater and friendship. She is a theater director based in Bangalore, India and comes from a traditional Brahman family

Stories of Love : Rashmi
Part II coming soon!

of Delights

If sexuality exists so freely in nature, how can oppressive religious rules be reimagined to express freedom, love, trust, kindness, and peace? Through these dreamlike landscapes of gigantic plants and sex toys, I create spaces of discovery and acceptance.

Welcome to my Jungle of Delights

Religion & Sexuality

     Self Love


Lajja meaning shame in Kannada (a south Indian language), is a ceramic sensual flower that further explores desire in a three dimensional format. Attempting to bring the Jungle of Delights to life, this ceramic structure hangs between the virtual and real world.  

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