Garden of Love Publication

A 70 page publication documenting the one year project I worked on. The publication covers research, process and explorations done within the project. 

Publication Design & Illustration



Website redesign for Understory that documents fieldwork experiences that do not fit the narrative of a professional project or a dissertation.


Theater Magazine

Structur is a magazine design project based on the theaters in New York city. I created this project just around the time COVID hit the US and no one had access to theaters in the Big Apple.

This bi-yearly magazine is divided into three clear sections : Spectate, that looks at forgotten theaters, Voice, theaters of the here and now and Restructur, articles on what theaters might look like in the future.

Publication Design


Idea Book : Brave

An independent illustrated book that compiles all my ideas and explorations between 2019-2020. The book takes inspiration from the different styles of illustration and is designed to support the illustration work while also standing independently as a book design.

Publication Design & Illustration


Urgent Action Fund

I was invited by Urgent Action Fund to create illustrations and designs based on their bi yearly huddle meetings. 

Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights, Asia and Pacific (UAF A&P) is a regional feminist fund that strives to protect, strengthen and sustain women and non-binary human rights defenders across nearly 53 countries and sub-regions of Asia and the Pacific.


Data Visualization on the progress over 2020 and 2021