As part of my on going thesis project, Bloom is a series of explorative motion illustrations that explore themes of femininity, religion, and sexuality. The project is based on a series of interviews with religious people, pastors, friends from India and the United States. It is also a reflection on readings of Sigmund Freud and modern-day philosopher Alain De Botton. 

Through subtle movements the illustrations aim to not only evoke feelings of softness and sensitivity but also use nature as a teacher of life lessons.

Illustration & Motion design


'How can oppressive religious rules be reimagined to express freedom, love, trust, kindness, and peace?'
Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly delights, I created strong women that exist in nature and emanate feelings of love, strength, andresilience. Through subtle movements, the illustrations aim to evoke feelings of softness and sensitivity.